What is Forex?

Forex is the trading of currency pairs (interchangeable) in an automated way via a specific point of interest on a foreign exchange which are known as the exchange. There are four major exchanges out there: NICE (Scandinavian Islands), ICE (Europe), CME (USA), and BM&FBOVESPA (Brazil).

These four major exchange are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the CME being the last. This means you can do business with them during those long hours at night or early morning when the other sites are asleep. You can also do business at other off-hours that are indicated on the offer details of the particular exchange.

What are the risks of trading on the forex market?

If you want to trade on the forex market, there are several risks involved. You should understand these risks because they could easily ruin your money. The risk with trading on the forex market is that there is the chance of losing your money if you don’t understand the trade. In the case of Forex fraud, it is possible that you end up losing your money as it is now a common practice that these fraudsters advertise great investment schemes promising to double your money in the first week of trading.

There is a huge risk that the foreign exchange is not to your advantage. You can lose money on the difference in the trading prices of both currencies and not make any profit in the process.

Different types of scams you should be aware of

Scams can come in a variety of forms and have various schemes and purposes. So you need to be careful about the nature of the Forex scam you will be offered. Some of the scams being thrown around at new traders include

Commission-free trading

Commission-free trading is simply not possible, as this is an extreme rarity. You must earn a percentage of the profit. The chances are you will earn more if you work through an advisor.

Check the offer’s website

The Forex industry has a tremendous volume of traders around the world, so it is very easy for fake offers to pop up and become popular, as this is a huge market.

As you will not get the final results from these sites, you have to conduct an online check on their authenticity. If the website is fake, it is also a scam.

How to avoid getting scammed by scams

The good news is that you do not have to fall victim to scams. By taking some time to learn about the forex market and the rules of the game, you will be able to avoid getting scammed by some of the scammers who operate in the market.

Every trade in the forex market involves currency movement. Thus, you need to do your research and find out which forex trading strategies are likely to maximize your return on investment. The most popular strategies are long-term trading (buying and holding for a long period of time), timing the market (buying at the right time), and buying and selling for margin (borrowing money to buy and sell currencies at a profit).

It is important to have an idea of the time frame of the trade.


Forex market is one of the most complex forex markets to learn. Every aspect of this market is unique in its own right and it is also highly volatile. However, it is a great opportunity to start earning decent money as long as you only play it right. Learn from others who have tried it and make it work for you. This can save you from wasting money and time trying to find work in it.