Review – 9.5/10

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Price offers high-quality services at affordable prices. The team understands the online scam victims’ requirements and offers a value for money experience within their budget limit without compromising the quality. Their exemplary services look beyond price tags to meet every customer requirement. 

Score: 10

Customer Service owns a dedicated staff with communicative skills and resourceful solutions to make sure each customer is well-listened. The compassionate team members answer all your possible questions and provide knowledgeable advice. The team can give you quick, attentive and top-notch services. 

score: 9.9

Follow-up Communication reaches out to clients regularly to update them on the recovery process and details of the progress. The team arranges meetings to discuss the further development of the strategies and estimated time for complete fund recovery

score: 9.8

Sales Team has a supportive sales team of experts trained to help you make an informed decision. The sales agents are professional, willing to take on any challenge, and provide honest advice. 

score: 10

Honesty’s vision and mission are based on honesty which is often affirmed by their clients. The company keeps its promise when they tell you to assist you with the best possible solutions. The team consists of cyber security analysts capable of giving you a logical explanation to register your case against fraudsters

score: 9.9


The website is detailed and clean. You get all the information you want. Each service is briefly explained and supported with the highest level of accuracy. The website is not difficult to operate at all. Almost all the links are self-explanatory. The news sections also alert consumers about the current activities in the cyber security domain.

score: 9.0

Accepted is a well-recognized agency. It has a trusted and credible reputation. The team is committed to creating the best services possible for the clients, whether related to eDiscovery Forensic, Blockchain trail, or due diligence at competitive prices. is a global leader in online scam counseling solutions.

score: 10

Industry Knowledge is the brightest agency in the industry. The team is equipped with information on new innovations ruling the cyber world. They keep an eye on all governing policies in the state. The experts build an effective plan clearing all your doubts. They also suggest other safety practices to customers to avoid falling victims to online scams in the future. 

score: 9.9

Verdict is a reliable fund recovery agency with a trustworthy background. They have helped thousands of clients locate their missing funds.’s dedicated team liaisons with legal practitioners, bank fraud specialists, forensic analysts, cyber-criminal researchers to bring in knowledgeable and employable solutions in online scams. 

score:9.9’s final score is 9.5/10.